Vintage saxophones & accessories for sale are listed- in our eBay store "vintagesaxophones" :
All of our vintage saxophones are either completely rebuilt- or serviced.  We have 100 % positive feed back  !!

Rampone & Cazzani saxophones & accessories for sale in Norway

Rampone big bore geometry
Body available in different metals with specific tonal characteristics
Hand-hammered neck, body, bow and bell
Unlacquered finish to free the harmonics
Light keywork action
Elaborately hand-engraved
100% handmade in Italy
Range Low Bb - High F#

SOPRANINO  (Eb) - Straight - Half curved - Curved

SOPRANO (Bb) - Straight - Half curved - Curved

ALTO (Eb) -  Altello (Half curved) -  Eb Alto


 TENOR (Bb)                              BARITONE (Eb) - Keyed to Low Bb - Keyed to low A

Gloger Handcraft saxophone necks for sale in Norway

Gloger-Handkraft necks are made by a process making it possible to make an original curve. (99 % accuracy) 
So you can have your favorite model made in silver, copper or maybe even in gold.

The necks are available in different measurements.
You can have the neck of your choice, fitted to your existing instrument and create your own unique sound.
Custom made necks fit all saxophones:
Buescher , Buffet , Conn , Guardala , Keilwerth , King , Martin , Selmer ,
Yamaha , Yanagisawa